Friday, November 15, 2013

Update: 11/15/2013

Today I started my 19th month of Hormone Replacement Therapy, as mentioned in my last post, Eighteen.   There will be an will an upcoming detailed report here in Tammy World, following up on my 6 Month Hormone Report from one year ago.  The 6 month report  has gotten a tremendous amount of traffic through Google, lots of people have told me they appreciate all the information that report contains, and one Facebook friend even told me her doctor uses it as a cheat sheet.  Besides my personal experiences I tried to include a lot of detailed medical information, links and charts of hormones timetables and expected, potential effects on male to female transsexuals.  Several message boards have provided links to it and it seems a lot of people have used that blog entry as a source for their HRT information.  My new report will build on that even further, as well as update my own progress.

At the end of September, Mitchell and I took our first ever beach trip to the North Carolina coast and it was documented here in my post, Outer Banks.  Since then I have been on three more trips, totally 11 nights out of town, and at the end of October Mitchell spent 11 nights here in Rocky Mount with me.  Coming up soon there will be 4 more blog entries on all these activities.  It is always interesting here in Tammy World but the last month and a half has been particularly busy and exciting, so now it time to catch you all up here on the blog.

My first trip was to visit my friend Lisa Lesher, who lives very close to the Outer Banks and also to Tidewater Virginia.  I met her at the beach on my first day down and the next 2 days we went up to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.  Soon after that I made the long drive to Buffalo, New York for another massive round of electrolysis.  This was a 6 day, 5 night trip and I got to see areas of the country I had not seen in many, many years.  Of course a lot of progress was made on permanently clearing my facial hair, and I can see a big difference after these latest sessions. 

Soon after returning from Buffalo, Mitchell came to visit me and ended up staying here for 11 nights. This was an unexpected bonus for me but he has a lot to deal with right now and he needed some extra time with me so I am happy to be here for him.  Last week I drove up to the Baltimore, Maryland area to meet my Facebook friend Rachael Kruse and this was an very exciting trip and a lot of fun.  One highlight was that on Friday we went up to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and I got a chance to meet and have a consultation with Dr. Kathy Rumer, a cosmetic surgeon who does the full range of transgender surgeries.  This was strictly for informational purposes, but I should have some good news coming up next month as I complete my one year Real life Experience and will be eligible to get my letters for GRS. 

Well, we have enough information in this short blog to preview 5 of the upcoming blog entries here in Tammy World.  I hope you all stay tuned because this is an exciting time in my life and my transition and I can't wait to tell you much more about it.  I also have another piece of very good news that should be coming to fruition in the very near future and as I soon as I find out for sure, I will let y'all know.  Please take care, have a good one and thanks for stopping by and following me here in Tammy World...:)

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