Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Tammy World

Christmas 2013 was a little crazy, but that's just normal here in Tammy World.  This was my second Christmas spent totally as myself, since going Full Time on the Winter Solstice of 2012.  This was a very emotional season for me last year, a real roller coaster considering the fact that my spouse left me, I came out to my parents And began my Real Life Experience all withing the course of a week.  Last year, Christmas seemed like an afterthought in the wake of the monumental events that preceded it.

I have to admit to not feeling the Christmas Spirit as much as I would have liked to this year.  My Christmas tree here at home is a very small Frasier Fir.  It's sort of a Charlie Brown tree in size but full and pretty like the larger trees.  My spouse Joan was always into the big, live Christmas trees and being here alone most of the time, I just didn't want a big tree like that.  My Mom still went all out with the decorations at her house, so I felt the Christmas Spirit much more when I was over there.  I have been spending a lot of time at my parents house lately, as my Dad is not doing well with his dementia and physical weakness getting worse.  Seeing my father in poor health like that sort of brings me down too, but I am uplifted by the fact that he accepts me and it is still so special to have his love and have him in my life.  I cherish every day with him and that is true of both my parents really.
My little Christmas tree..
The best part of Christmas this year was getting to actually spend it with my boyfriend.  This was our third Christmas together as a couple, but the first one we actually spent the holiday together.  Christmas day was this past Wednesday so Mitchell came in on Monday night and left Friday morning.  I am so lucky to have a man that also loves my family and understands the difficult times my Dad is going through.  They have become good friends and Mitchell is a perfect helper for him. He is very patient, strong and doesn't mind spending a lot of time with me at my parents house.  We do get our private times but he understands that my top priority right now is taking care of and spending time with my parents.

Christmas in The ER

We woke up about 8 AM on Christmas morning to the telephone ringing.  Mama was calling to report that Daddy had fallen, outside on the porch, and that she was calling an ambulance!  It seems that he woke up first and decided to go out and get the newspaper, without his cane.  Mitchell and I threw our clothes on and got over there as quick as we could.  The paramedics were already there.  It seemed that Daddy was conscious but they were getting ready to drive him to the emergency room because he cut his arm very badly on the fall.

Knowing that Daddy was in good hands, we drove back by the house for 5 minutes to grab some bottled water, fresh clothes and let me throw on about 2 minutes worth of makeup.  Days like this make me glad to have had as much as electrolysis as I have, so I don't have to shave to go out in public,  but it nice to be able to throw on a tad of BB cream to give me a little cover plus some SPF protection for the day.  When we got to the hospital Daddy was already in a room and Mama was sitting in a chair.  Nothing moves fast in an emergency room so Mitchell and I sat down too and waited, and waited.

Finally, a PA came in and stitched up Daddy's arm the the doctor came by to check it out before we were released.  Overall we spent about 5 hours in the emergency room and got out after 2 PM on Christmas afternoon.  Everyone was hungry so when we got home I cooked some eggs and country ham and Mama cooked some bacon and sausage.  I had gotten the country ham for Christmas but Daddy loves his sausage and Mitchell loves his bacon.  We all had something to eat and felt a little bit better but Daddy was sort of groggy so he went to sleep.  This gave Mitchell and I a chance to come back to my house, take showers then come back to my parents.  We did not have time to ourselves to open our presents.

Mitchell and I on Christmas night, looking a little tired from a long, trying day.  Mitchell did wear his Christmas hat and tie.  The tie played a song when you squeezed it so I called him Mr. Christmas..:)
Kissing Mr. Christmas by my parents' Christmas tree...
The day after Christmas was a much better day.  We didn't have to go to the hospital but we did go to my parents house in the morning to check on Daddy.  He was feeling better but still really sore and slept most of the day.  After lunch we went back to my house, got dressed and took some time for our own Christmas present exchange.  On this day I wore the outfit I had picked out for Christmas which included some fine European pantyhose my friend Linda from Belgium sent me as a gift.   Mitchell and I finally had a little time by ourselves to enjoy opening our presents and managed to take some good pictures. 

Mitchell Loves to see me in a skirt and hose....we took a few pictures on the couch before opening the presents..
I wonder what is in this big bag from Santa?
Mitchell wrote something on the box this present was in, under the wrapping.  I wonder what it was?  Hint: the photo at the top of the page shoes the entire haul of presents Mitchell gave me...:)
Mitchell with one of his very special presents form me (nice wrapping too)...
The night after Christmas I wore the fabulous ear rings my parents gave me the night before, when we opened our gifts at their house.
After we exchanged our gifts it was time to go back to my parents' house and fix the Christmas dinner.  We had cooked most of it the night before but Daddy was too tired to eat and didn't join us at the table.  On this night we had all four of us at the dining room table and enjoyed a really good meal of Honey Baked Ham, green beans, home made biscuits and pineapple.  This was a little simpler than Christmas meals we have fixed in the past, but it was delicious and appropriate given the circumstances.  Later that night Mitchell and I finally had a little time "under the mistletoe" for some Christmas romance to top of what had been a bittersweet couple of days.
My Red Lobster biscuits, fresh out of the oven.
Sometimes it helps when the cook has a little elf helper (Mama) running behind them and checking on everything...
Buddy chewing one his presents and Night showing off the "ring a ling" bell collars Mitchell gave them.  At one time I was worried he would never like my dogs and now he gives them Christmas presents..:)
I also got to spend some time with Joan, her daughter and son in law during Christmas week when they came to my parents' house the Sunday before Christmas for a nice dinner and presents exchange.  This was the first time that I had been around all three of them at once since my transition and I am glad to report that everything went pretty well.  I didn't get emotional and no one seemed tense with the situation, the new reality.  Joan did manage to get my name wrong half the time that day, which she rarely does around just me anymore, and murdered the pronouns.  I don't think it was intentional but because she does so well when just the two of us are together, I think it shows a little lack of respect.  Her excuse is always that she spent so long with me using one name, it is hard to adjust to a new one.  I can understand that somewhat, but if she gets it right when no one else is around, she should be able to get it right all (or at least most) of the time, period.  It was nice to get presents from everyone that were tagged "Tammy" and get gender appropriate gifts.  Overall we had a really nice time, but they only stayed a couple of hours.

The greatest gift of all this Christmas was spending time with family.  That is always the case but it seemed especially true this year.  I am so elated that Mitchell has meshed so well with my little family, my parents and I.  The four of us are closer after less than one year than Joan was with us after 25 years.  We are the real family now and the family I never felt I had.  This gives me real hope for the future and adds to a sense of peace I never felt before.  I just hope Daddy will be ok going forward.  I know things are more challenging for him now, and for us as we take care of him, but he has at least made a nice recovery from the fall during the last few days.  Because of everything that happened, we didn't get a nice family picture as mama and Daddy never got dressed up.  We will have to get it another time when everyone is feeling better.

New Year's Eve coming up tomorrow and I am happy to report that Mitchell will be back to spend 5 or 6 nights here with me after enjoying the days after Christmas playing Santa Claus with his kids.  I think that in this coming year I will finally meet his kids, after his divorce is final.  I also believe that 2014 will be an outstanding year in many, many ways and will surpass even these last two wonderful years.  One thing is for sure, in my life right now and my transition, change is constant.  I just have to believe that all the changes will continue to be for the best.  Believing that is a big part of making it happen. 
Won't you stay tuned to Tammy World 2014 to find out?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Parting shot of my Kunert stockings, sent from Belgium.  I rarely wear pantyhose anymore but Linda said I would love them and I do...


  1. I'm glade you had some holiday magic! You're a wonderful person and deserve it! :)

  2. I'm glad that your father is ok now and that you seemed to have a pretty good Christmas even with all of the craziness. Happy New Year

  3. Hope all hopes well with your Daddy. The panty hose from your friend Linda sure make your legs look better. Hope to see many more pictures of your fabulous legs wearing hose and heels as we go forward into 2014.

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