Thursday, November 14, 2013


I feel great today! I love the way hormones make me Feel. Today marks 18 months of HRT for me. The physical changes have been very nice, and most welcome, but nothing can compare to the way I have changed inside. In just a short time the angst, depression and general malaise I had felt most of my life almost completely disappeared. I went from being obsessed with death to celebrating life. I used to feel like I was dying, now I enjoy and look forward to life. Today is a wonderful day and tomorrow will be even better!

.......................My Facebook post on 11/14/2013 commemorating 18 months of transition.  The following is my blanket reply to some of the many comments................

What I am describing really is a feeling that came over me within the first couple of weeks of HRT. It was a great feeling but perhaps the best thing was the lifting of the dark mood that had come over me as a young teenager, about the age of puberty. It wasn't dependent on dosages or levels, as I was just starting then and on a low dosage. It was not dependent on my life being in order as I had not come out to my family and had a Lot of anxiety over how that would turn out. 

I know I am very fortunate that I have been accepted my family and am able to get by financially, but when I first started hormones I felt a relief as if a major chemical imbalance in my brain had been corrected, and I think that is exactly what happened. Even if I had been tossed on the street and rejected by my family, no one could take that feeling away.

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