Wednesday, April 8, 2015

6 Months Post Op: Blossoming

Wow, I am now over 6 months post op and I feel like I am blossoming all over.  I guess I am mimicking spring in that respect but I finally feel more like myself than ever before.  Sensing that I am "over the hump" as far as healing, I am now starting to enjoy myself and my new body more and more.

The magic elixirs (hormones) seem to be working their alchemy almost like never before.  It is sort of like starting anew again.  Even though I've gained a little weight, much of it at least seems to be going to the right places.  Curves appear to be coming in faster than before the surgery. 

Inside I feel bright and new.  Having just gotten some good news, feeling better, and Spring's effect of longer days has me energized in a way I haven't been in awhile, not truly.  I even rode my bicycle the other day for the first time since early September.
Modus of transportation
Ergonomic seat protects the kitty
The good news I received week before last is that my granulation has finally cleared up!  It's been a few weeks since I have seen any blood from dilating or anything else.  Pain is almost nonexistent now, even when using the largest dilator.  This can make a huge difference in your mental state as well as physical well being.  Recently I stopped wearing the panty liners and that is another relief felt on a daily basis.

I'm still having some discomfort in the area where I (apparently) had a swollen gland.  The ultrasound confirmed it was nothing serious but something is still there, even though it seems very small and not problematic now.  I really only feel it when I cross my legs tightly. 

I suppose my next move will be going to see a gynecologist who will check me out good, inside and out.  This is actually something that any post op woman should do anyway and I hope this thorough check up will quell my remaining fears.

I will also be seeing a new GP (doctor) in a couple of weeks.  This doctor will be my "hormone doctor" as well as my regular doctor.  My old doctor moved his practice and went into semi retirement, so rather than dance around his sporadic schedule I will give this female physician a try.  I've heard good things about her and have high hopes.  I do like having only one doctor for all my medical needs (outside of any needed specialists) and have never seen an endocrinologist for hormones.


Health wise, I am getting my energy back, getting my mojo back, coming out of my funk.  I am just beginning to blossom inside and out.  That's the best way I can describe the feeling I've had this last couple of weeks.  Being a woman (physically as well as mentally) really suits me in a way that even I did not expect.  I knew it would better but I had no idea it would feel this right, feel this good. 

I'm told it will be about another 6 months until I am fully healed.  I can buy that, as some things are still a little tender and some spots have not completely healed yet, like the small area that was granulated.  I think just truly being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel is liberating. 

The physical sensations I am feeling are beyond amazing and unlike anything I've experienced before.  Not only can I now see and feel the other side of transition, occasionally for a fleeting moment, I forget I was ever on the wrong side of myself.

Nothing beats time with Mitchell

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