Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Incidents on a Tuesday Afternoon (inspection and insurance)


I just got a call from the city inspector that they were coming to inspect my new tankless hot water/floor heating system. It turns this is my cousin who I have not seen in several years, since our uncle's funeral, as I don't have any real contact with that side of my family. I never talk to them but I know that they know about my transition, although my parents don't have much contact with that side of the family either. I consider this to be the "redneck" side of the family, so I didn't expect them to be too accepting of me as they made a big deal when another cousin came out as lesbian awhile back. She is much more involved with them than I am though and I never see or speak to any of this set of cousins unless there is a funeral. Anyway, he called me Tammy on the phone but when he came in he tried to give me a firm handshake, called me "man" twice during the few minutes of small talk, and when he was leaving he said, "alright, guy, have a good one." There is no changing people like this so I wasn't going to go on a crusade with him, he is what he is. This goes to show that although everyone may not accept you, it doesn't have to affect you. I don't know what he thinks of me, but I think even less of him than I did before and am glad it was a quick inspection and that he is gone. If I see him at the grocery store or somewhere I would just keep right on walking past him....


Pulling my hair out over my insurance company, who shall remain nameless (BCBS of NC)!!!.....
Even though I changed my name/gender back in December, I didn't get that change updated into their system until this month. Actually they had changed my name but I realized recently they had not changed my gender so I called them about it. Now they have backdated my policy to December, complete with a retroactive rate hike of almost $80/month. My Annual rate hike was $7 this year but now with this change it has gone way up from there. Further complicating things, this insurance company claims to have no record of me filling prescriptions in January or February of this year and so they have no record of me paying my deductible, which I paid In Jan. As a result I have not been able to fill my prescriptions for March yet. Now I have to go to the pharmacy, print this stuff out and prove to them that I paid the deductible, plus pay this retroactive increased premium. Plus pay the higher premium every month. This sounds mighty fishy to me and Thanks Unnamed insurance company!!!


  1. There is a big resistance to woman owning or having anything in their name, seems as if you need a man to guid you through the pitfalls of life. I say this toung in cheek as the last 4 cars my wife and I have bought is always with the understanding it is her car (the trucks are mine) and we force the dealers to put her name first, The last three paid cash for and I just sit back and say talk to her, it is her car and yet when they call us or contact is about warrenty items , even oil changes, they always ask for me. I continue to tell them they have the wrong person and they give this stupid little laff like it doesn't matter. It does matter. You hang in there girl.

  2. when inspections are involved ( even if family are the inspectors or then even more so remember you don't want to "win the battle and loose the war" and always remember the objective to get through the inspection with a ok or passed and with that thought remember that inspector can make your life miserable whether they are right or wrong they still have the upper hand ( unless they are totally unreasonable and outside the frame of the code) so you did exactly the correct thing!