Thursday, February 14, 2013

Light in My Life

Valentine's Day 2013....

Valentine's Day this year has been very special to me.  I had the most beautiful flowers in the world delivered to my house 2 days ago and yesterday I got the most special card ever.  I got a great card from my boyfriend delivered with the flowers and he gave me an early Valentine's Day card last week but getting a card from my parent's addressing me as their daughter is priceless.  Mt. Everest was definitely worth climbing and I am very happy now at last.  I'm finally on the other side of the mountain after making it through the forest of depression I experienced after my separation, I finally feel like I am at peace in the valley.  Feeling comfortable with myself for once And feeling good about my current situation makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Valentine's Day from Tammy World!!!

Valentine's Card from my parents

Valentine's flowers from my boyfriend (100 rose blooms!)

Light In My Life

There is a light in my life that shines through and brightens the dark spots; gives me hope and fills the void in my soul.  This light is the most positive thing that has ever happened to me and he has a name.  This is a tribute to the best boyfriend in the world.  Happy Valentine's Day Mitchell!!  I love you very, very much!!!

Some pictures from our 16+ months together...:)

The second time he gave me flowers and our first dinner date...Sept. 17,2011

He took me to the State Fair on October 18, 2011.

At a party with my baby..November 12, 2011.

At a hotel.. December 11, 2011

In Love.... December 2011

CMP Christmas Party...December 2011

New year's Eve 2011

Clubbing in January 2012
Celebrating Valentine's Day 2012
Showing some love...February 25,2012

May 2012

Dedicated to my man...May 2012

Communication is key to a great relationship...May 27, 2012
Relaxing at my house...June 2, 2012  

At the James River in Danville on my first trip to Virginia to see my man
Dining out in Danville...June 10, 2012

Dining out in Cary, NC on July 8, 2012
CMP party...July 14, 2012
I love how he holds me...August 12, 2012
My man stands behind me

I stand behind my man

First Date Anniversary..September 10, 2012
My World is not complete without my man..September 21, Tammy World 2012
In the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia..September 2012

In my sweet baby's arms...October 6, 2012
Anniversary kiss...October 14, 2012
Celebrating Mitchell's birthday..November 2, 2012

Dinner with my baby at O'Charley's on his birthday, no more wigs!

My man kissing me on his birthday
Dining out..November 11, 2012

With my man on his birthday

New Year's Eve 2012
New Year's Eve 2012 dining out with my wide eyed man, lol
New Year's Eve kiss 2012....what a way to end an Awesome year!!!
Stay tuned for 2013 and beyond.....


  1. I really loved reading this. It sounds like your life is turning out great! :)

  2. Both of you are really meant for each other. You look perfectly happy couple. I envy you so much. The simplicity which runs on your relationship is really amazingly beautiful. Me and my wife is not like that, she even lend me some saw palmetto to maintain my performance in bed. :-( I think she is not satisfied at all. I hope we can be like the two of you Tammy.