Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The rising waters began to cover the last patches of dry ground surrounding my old, rusty mobile home when the power went out sometime after midnight. I was home alone that night in September 1996 when the edge of Hurricane Fran passed by Elizabeth City, NC, causing the waters of the Albemarle Sound to push up into the canals of the trailer park. I didn't know if I would stay dry inside or not but I had a small john-boat tied up to the deck just in case.
Buzzed and burning candles for light, I listened to cassettes on my boom box, playing this album all the way through at least a couple of times. Whenever I hear Alice in Chains now I think of that night and that hurricane. I experienced no fear, only a fascination with the unpredictability of the weather. My own demons were providing me all the fear I could handle.
I maybe slept an hour that night, nodding off after the sounds of wind and rain banging the trailer around finally subsided. There was minimal wind damage as the eye of the storm had passed far west, near Raleigh. Looking outside I noticed that All of the flood water had subsided. Indeed the canal behind the trailer was completely dry as the shift in wind direction had blown the mass of water to the other side of the vast sound....

Alice In Chains Unplugged

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