Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Lonely Road

Taking the road less traveled can often be a lonely journey.  When you feel the need to venture off the expected course, following your own path, you cannot expect others to follow.  You may find that those you love will leave you behind, or you leave them behind.  Lonely is the world when we veer off the beaten path to travel a new road of our own making....

The stared at phone that never rings. 
 The empty closet.
The single toothbrush by the sink.
The cold space in the bedroom, that used to be warm.   
The silence.  
The table set for one.  
The endless darkness of the nights, when the light seems as if it will never come. 
The echoes in the vacant room.  

All are signs from the Lonely Road.  Forging ahead, you have to build new bridges as you map a new course.  In darkness you travel forward, but there is light.  Can't you see it, there on the horizon?

...standing on the road
in the darkness
all you see are taillights fading in the distance...

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