Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Two years ago, on 9/10/11, I had a date with a man and he brought me these flowers.  To some degree I had started dating men for a couple of years but this was only the second time I had ever gotten flowers.  He was serious about taking me out to dinner, shopping and doing all the things I wanted to do.  He was even willing to take me to the State Fair, which I had been planning as my first big outing around a huge crowd of people.
My first flowers from Mitchell

I met him several months earlier at a party and we had been talking for over a month online and on the phone before this date in 2011. 
We had more dates and he actually brought me flowers the first 9 times we went out, even when it was just meeting for dinner.  I told him we had to take things slow but before long I developed feelings for him and found myself in love.  Soon it was apparent that the feelings were mutual.

It's Been a Great Two Years Together
A month after our first date we decided to to date exclusively and we are still together today. I love my boyfriend and he makes me so happy! He still gives me flowers on special occasions and from time to time just because. 
My most recent flowers from Mitchell.