Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Cool Summer: July 2013 Update

I wonder what everyone is doing to stay cool this summer?  I'm staying cool by being myself and going out and doing fun things as often as I can while staying kind of close to home. And I'm wearing sunglasses, that's very cool :)  Not working a steady job right now gives me more time than most people to go out and do what I like to do, but the tight budget puts some limits on where I can go and what I can do.  I haven't been able to travel or go on any real vacations lately, but I can find plenty to do within an hour or so of my home.  So after a light month of blogging for me in July and my last post, Riding into Tammy World, dealing with Pam's visit at the end of June, its time for an July update!

Actually, for a Carolina summer, most of it has not been too terribly hot.  It has been humid with temperatures in the high 80's most days, nineties some days, but there has been no real heat wave yet.  I have been enjoying the longer days and nice weather (since the rainy spell ended), but have not really done any of the traditional summer activities like laying on the beach, swimming etc.  I wear a lot of sunblock and while I do not avoid activities out in the sun, I don't intentionally try to tan or stay in the sun all day.  Getting hot and sweating are not fun to me,and after having skin cancer, I try not to get too much sun exposure.  So, outside of walking my dogs and a few other outdoor things, I am staying cool this summer And having fun.

July Update

July here in Tammy World started out with my post on Independence Day, about going fishing as myself for the first time.  I haven't been fishing since then and won't go again until I get a license or fish from a commercial pier where a licence comes with the price of admission.  This fall I am planning on going pier fishing with a friend on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I really look forward to doing some ocean fishing again.  I also did a lot of shopping in July, spent time with my boyfriend Mitchell, spent several afternoons with my ex spouse Joan, and spent a lot of time with my parents.  My dad has not been doing great and it seems he needs a little more attention than he used to, so I have been visiting every day that I possibly can.
Mitchell and I sharing some quality time at a park near my home in early July.
Sharing some love with my baby.

I did a lot of driving back and forth to Raleigh in July.
Every chance I got I was driving up US 64 to Raleigh.  I have to go every month for therapy and also had one doctor's visit for a blood sample.  I added another hormone to my regimen this month, an estradial pill to go along with the estradial patches and Spirolcatone.  Next week I go back to the doctor for another blood test to see how I am reacting to the new medicine and probably make yet another adjustment.  Coming soon, I will have another hormone and transition update, so stay tuned for that.

When I go to out of town for any reason, I try to also take the opportunity to dine out, go shopping or meet a friend, to make the trip more fun. After my hair color appointment on the 18th, I met Donna Simms for dinner and a little shopping at Crabtree Mall I Raleigh to celebrate her 75th birthday, which was the next day.  She doesn't mind telling people her age, partly because she does not look it, and we get a kick out of asking people how old they think she is.  No one even comes close and the truth is she is also full of energy and is a fun, positive person to be around. I plan on being around and being active for a Long time myself, so she sets a good example.  That attitude is major progress for me because I have spent most of my life not planning to or wanting to live that much longer.  Transition has really been great for my psyche.

At Crabtree Mall with my friend Donna Simms celebrating her 75th birthday.
Checking in on Facebook on my smart phone from Kanki Japanese Steakhouse in Crabtree Mall.
On the last weekend of July the Carolina Meeting Place Yahoo group had its annual summer party.  Mitchell and I met through that group so we try to attend as many of their parties as we can, and we always have a blast there.  My friend Lisa Lesher came up from the coast the week before the party to go shopping with me for an outfit.  This was another fun trip to Raleigh and she ended up getting a great deal on a dress from Kohl's.  Lisa is my friend that lives very near the coast and wants to go ocean pier fishing with me when it cools off.  This was also her first party with our group in Raleigh and Mitchell and I enjoyed seeing her, Donna and many of my other friends there.
Sharing a laugh with Lisa Lesher at the party.  There are also 2 other Lisa's in our group and they were all at the party, and it can be hard keeping up with so many Lisas.

July was a fun month for sure, but now that August is here the fun continues and I have a lot more on my plate.  I am writing this entry from a hotel room in York, Pennsylvania and I am up here for a couple of days of electrolysis.  Of course, that procedure is not too much fun but these sessions will put me closer to my goal and you know any time I go out of town I find fun things to do.  Stay tuned to see what all happened on this trip.  Next week I am going up to Lynchburg, Virginia to spend 4 nights with Mitchell and I'm leaving to come back to Rocky Mount on the morning of my birthday.  I know we will going to the nearby mountains and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for me up there.  This will be a nice mini vacation for me as well as a chance to spend some quality time with my baby.  Coming up in the next three months I am planning at least a couple of trips to the coast and, I'm sure, another trip up north for more electrolysis.  I am far behind on my goals with electrolysis but if I can get a couple of more good trips in this year I can almost catch up.

Lovers at the party.
So you see, for a"slow" month, July was actually pretty fun.  In Tammy World I usually have to make my own fun and find joy in the little things of everyday life.  One day I would like to travel and see more of the country and the world, but for now there is plenty more to see and do in this little corner of it.  That's the whole theme of Tammy World; its not an imaginary world any more, its very real.  Life is what you make of it and all any of us can do is make the most of what we have and where we are.  And the old cliche "it gets better" is very true.  No matter
where you are or what you are doing, even if you are in pain, it can and will get better.  Things are pretty good for me now but I know they are going to get even better, much better, and that will only happen because I am going to make it happen.  You can do the same thing in your world.  Live your dreams and make them happen. It won't be delivered to your front door. You have to go find it, but believe me its there.  And believing in yourself is the whole key to making it happen.....

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  1. Glad that you are still posting! As for me still in stealth mode. Sept. 4 th is my 90 days on hrt any advice will be helpful. Brooklyn