Friday, May 10, 2013

At the Mall Today

Very interesting day the mall today here in Rocky Mount. I was out there to buy a Clinique product (CC Cream) for my mom from Belk's for Mother's Day. I had been at another Belk's yesterday, with my spouse, and gotten samples of their BB and CC creams. After we left, my (ex) spouse snatched my BB cream sample, but I still had the CC cream and I let Mom try it today. She liked it so I decided to buy if for her for Mother's Day.

I was going to Belk's last, so I decided to walk around the mall and shop/look around, mostly look. I was approached by someone from Avon and she told me they were looking for more reps. I have wanted a part time job I can do from home as myself, but I don't want to get involved in any multi level marketing or anything that can take money out of pocket in any way, so I took her brochure and politely said no.

I went in a few more stores and when walking down the long hallway after leaving Ross (I did buy a sexy teddy to wear for my boyfriend this weekend), I saw someone that looks just like my spouse, who I am separated from. I thought to myself, I really miss Joan and a little tear formed in my eyes. She has moved to another town and I meet her halfway every week to see her and let her visit with the dogs. As I got closer I thought to myself, wait a minute, that really looks like her, so I approached her as she went in a costume jewelry store.

Now it really gets interesting because it turns that it was Joan after all, and she was in town to pick her meds from the drug store. We talked a little bit and she wanted to see what I had bought from Ross. I was only a little embarrassed to show her what I bought "to sleep in" and she didn't seem that interested, so we looked around. I ended up buying us each a pair of ear rings at 2 for $3. She said that her nephew had ridden to Rocky Mount with her and that he was at the mall and they were going to meet soon for lunch. She didn't think that he would want to have lunch with me there but she was going to go with me to Belk's.

As we left that store, up walks her nephew and we spoke a minute. He has met the real me one time when they came to get her furniture and stuff when she first moved out but he is not a real fan. We said hello but then Joan left with him to eat. She acts like she is a little bit embarrassed by me around him, although her and I have been getting along great lately. I know he doesn't approve of me now but he doesn't really understand either I don't think. Oh well, at least he was cordial but I would have liked to spend a little more time with her.

Then, I get to Belk's and was waiting for someone to help me at the Clinique counter when I see a guy walking towards me that I used to know. Except for running into him at the mall once every few years, I have not seen this guy in years and years but he used to be a drinking friend that I knew since I was a teenager. I don't think that he knows about my transition, but he might because people talk in this town, but when I saw him walking towards me while I was in the makeup department I assumed that Joan had run into him and sent him over to talk to me.

This man is really nice but he is a little bit slow mentally and lives with his mom even though he is older than me. He walked right up to me and he had to walk around me because it was crowded in that section. I was looking right at him and said hi and he said hi back and gave me that shy smile of his that he does around women. I thought for sure he would know who I am and talk me to but he did not recognize me so I let him walk on by. Maybe if there had not been so many people around , I would have stopped him and re introduced myself. Oh well, I am sure I will bump into him again, it is a small city.

I am home now, but as I am typing this I get a call from Joan and she is still at the Mall. She went back to Belk's and looked for me after she ate lunch. I should have hung around, I would gotten to spend more time with her, but I was a little let down that she had left me so quick when her nephew came up and I wanted to come home and work on my blog. We are actually getting along better than ever and have a great time shopping etc. together now, so I will just wait until Monday when I meet her again.

It almost killed me when she left home because I felt like a part of me was gone forever, but I am feeling so much better now that part is slowly coming back.

Photo of me at another mall, Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, last week.


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